~ Michelle J. Kaplan, author of  and: A love story within

~ Michelle J. Kaplan, author of and: A love story within

The cluttered mind was now evidenced on the freshly written pages of my journal. A verbal regurgitation of my worries and fears that didn’t bring me the clarity I was seeking. Then, out of nowhere, a word captured my attention, a simple phrase sung in my heart, and a poem was coded like a download onto a computer.

And it eased my pain and gave me hope. So I did it again... and again... and again.

Poetry is the experience of us. A storyteller of our hearts and imaginations that is wonderfully personal and curiously universal. Poetry, subtle, elusive, non-linear and unrestrained, warmly greets you at the door, providing what you need, giving what you’re open to receiving. There is nothing to analyze, no one right way to understand since poetry transports us out of our minds and into that intuitive dwelling within all of us that just knows. It’s that place that brings us a pure and unseasoned perspective, filled with vitality and compassion, on the old and worn.

Poetry, a vehicle to self-discovery, offers us the space to experience vulnerability and humility, an openness and strength not seen every day in this coping-addicted, plastic world that’s uncommonly intriguing. Behind the masks we wear in our daily masquerade, we recognize ourselves in its offerings we call poems and creates a sense of belonging and healing. Through someone else’s story, we get a greater sense of our own. A few words, arranged in a certain order, can change the world.

Our world. Your world.

Come dream with me to a new reality...

What People Are Saying...


“Michelle Kaplan’s keen awareness of the truth of our human experience and her transparent vulnerability combined with her personal quest for freedom and self-expression make reading her poetry a deep and meaningful experience.”
~ Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be


“Michelle Kaplan set out on a journey to find herself amid all the inner and outer confusions and complexities of life. Many readers will find their own story in hers, and will find her poetry inspiring and empowering as they set out to do what she did: reconnect with themselves, and live out the love affair between soul and ego, heart and mind, love and fear, heaven and earth. There’s a love story within all of us waiting to be written and rewritten, the kind of self-love without which all other love fails. May this book help you find, write, and live your inner love story.”
~ Parker J. Palmer, Author of Let Your Life Speak, A Hidden Wholeness, and On the Brink of Everything


“Your words are like fingers touching my body, arousing me so.”
~ Jillian Marty Dushane, Ph.D. Candidate, Communication, UMass Amherst