It was more like the last straw than a big epiphany. I was just tired of feeling like it was never enough. For others.  For me. I kept saying to myself,  “I want to find the Truth.” I didn’t know exactly what that was other than to describe it as a more authentic way of being. I had this gnawing sense that there was more to life. There just had to be, because if this was it, I’m screwed.

So I started self-inquiry practices. One of them was writing to help clarify my thoughts and feelings. Through writing my musings, confessions, and insights, I had this one “aha” realization that changed everything for me. I finally understood this one simple and real truth.

I will never be enough and that I am enough.

Excerpt from the poem  “A Love Worth Waiting For”   ~ Michelle J. Kaplan, author of  and: A love story within

Excerpt from the poem “A Love Worth Waiting For”
~ Michelle J. Kaplan, author of and: A love story within

These two simultaneous realities, paradoxical and true, made me feel hopeless and liberated at the same time. I recognized how much time and energy I spent trying to change others’ perceptions of me when what I really needed to do was change my perception of me. Instead, I was resisting by defending, controlling, and avoiding because, whether conscious of it or not, I believed them. Yet, there was also a small, deep place within me that understood the misperceptions were a load of crap.

I wanted to connect more to that small deep place within. I knew that to do that meant that I had to start listening and acting on my inner knowings, which, at times, goes against the grain. Many times I heard, “Get with the program, Michelle.” So I did. I really tried. But it really wasn’t working for me or them.

There were also times when I decided, with the best intentions, not to go along with what was expected because I saw another way. This caused emotional reactions in others that I either internalized or had me campaigning hard, trying to convince them somehow to accept, or dare I say, even like what I was doing. Yeah, I know. Good luck with that.

So slowly, I started to live my truths, baby steps more than giant leaps, because I wasn’t really sure what was true anymore. Hence, my personal mantra was born, “Keep it simple. Keep it real.” Truth asks for only that.

No one said simple and real is easy. And yet, over time, as the small, deep place within me grew larger and became more accessible, others’ words and actions couldn’t penetrate my new armor of enoughness. In my search for answers, I received more questions and ultimately found a love story. The inevitable love affair between my soul and ego, heart and mind, love and fear, heaven and earth. This love story is within all of us waiting to be written and rewritten.


and: A love story within is a self-transformational book written in poetic verse, stories within a story, textured and layered, of my personal journey in the universal search for Truth. The way to truth and love is a lifelong, moment-to-moment process built on the ever-growing foundation of trust as I continue to feel my way through the unsteadiness and inconsistency of living in the divine mystery in a world that demands human certainty. The offering of my poems is an invitation for you to rise up to your highest potential and create true love from the inside out since my truth is your truth.

One Truth. The Truth.

What People Are Saying...


“This book will touch your heart! As you read it, over and over again, you will be inspired and you will belly laugh! Like a dear friend you really trust, it will speak to you in the challenging moments of life. And... it will support you on your journey of True Self discovery and transformation!”
~ Mitch Rosacker, Self Discovery Studio


“Through her magical words and open heart, Michelle Kaplan awakens all our senses with her raw honesty, authenticity, and emotional journey of self-discovery. Although a deeply personal story woven together poem by poem, and: A love story within is amazingly relatable and universal, automatically inviting the reader to contemplate their own soul’s adventure. As you get to know the author, you cannot help but more precisely know yourself, a true sign of a masterpiece.”
~ Cindy D. Whitmer, Coach, Speaker, Author, Founder of The Inspiration Center


“Michelle Kaplan allowed me to know her inner feelings and truths through her beautiful, inspiring and honest poetry. As she delves into her realities, fears and discoveries, she has encouraged me to do the same. I too, have searched all my life for the answers and through her insightful writing and creativity in and: A love story within, I was provided a guide to find my own inner voice and self.”
~ Diana B.