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and: A love story within, written by Michelle Kaplan, is a self-transformational book of poetic verse that shares her personal journey in the universal search for acceptance, belonging, and connectedness. Released at the end of 2018 in paperback, hardcover and e-book, and: A love story within is now being released as an audio book. Click below to purchase your preferred version and begin your journey!

As an audio book, and: A love story within comes alive when spoken by the author. Original music, reflecting similar themes within the book, written by Martin Kaplan and Mitch Rosacker, follow each chapter and enhance the audio experience. Read more about the musicians…

Martin Kaplan is an American singer-songwriter based in San Diego, California. The Slow Down, his first solo release from 2015, features 12 songs spanning his 25 year songwriting career. Imbued with an alt-country vibe, The Slow Down creates a vivid narrative for the listener, inviting self-reflection and a refreshing counterpoint to the frenetic pace of our modern lives. Earlier in his music career, Martin played with San Francisco indie rock band “Lost Pilgrims” that released two albums and toured the United States through the early 1990s. In March 1994, Billboard Magazine featured Lost Pilgrims as one of the best “unsigned” bands in the United States. For more information, contact MartinKaplanMusic@gmail.com

Emerging from the
Dynamic Stillness of Pure Grace,
Wisdom Chanting is a
Vibrational Invitation
to Directly Experience
our True Nature...
Unconditional Love
True Inner Peace
Natural Joy and Kindness
Inherent Contentment
Infinite Compassion and Wonder and
Wisdom Chanting invites us to
Live our True Nature in the World!
Mitch Rosacker – harmonium, male vocal, composer music and lyrics
Susan Hess – drum, female vocal, tamboura, finger cymbals
Located in Denver, Colorado, USA / Playing original chants together since 2001
Visit wisdomchanting.com


“This book will touch your heart! As you read it, over and over again, you will be inspired and you will belly laugh! Like a dear friend you really trust, it will speak to you in the challenging moments of life. And... it will support you on your journey of True Self discovery and transformation!”
~ Mitch Rosacker, Self Discovery Studio

“Through her magical words and open heart, Michelle Kaplan awakens all our senses with her raw honesty, authenticity, and emotional journey of self-discovery. Although a deeply personal story woven together poem by poem, and: A love story within is amazingly relatable and universal, automatically inviting the reader to contemplate their own soul’s adventure. As you get to know the author, you cannot help but more precisely know yourself, a true sign of a masterpiece.”
~ Cindy D. Whitmer, Coach, Speaker, Author, Founder of The Inspiration Center

“Michelle Kaplan allowed me to know her inner feelings and truths through her beautiful, inspiring and honest poetry. As she delves into her realities, fears and discoveries, she has encouraged me to do the same. I too, have searched all my life for the answers and through her insightful writing and creativity in and: A love story within, I was provided a guide to find my own inner voice and self.”
~ Diana B.